Mike Vrabel on job security: I don't try to concern myself with that

Mike Vrabel's tenure as Titans head coach got off to a strong start, as Tennessee amassed a 41-24 record with an AFC Championship Game appearance in Vrabel's first four seasons.

But the Titans fell to 3-7 with Sunday’s 34-14 loss to the Jaguars, giving the club 14 losses in its last 17 games dating back to last season.

After the game, Vrabel was asked if he thinks his job security is or is going to become an issue.

“I don't try to concern myself with that,” Vrabel said in his press conference. “I really am focused on these players. I hurt for them. I played 14 years, won some games, won some championships. I am frustrated for the players. I'm disappointed for the players. I want them to have success. I know how hard they work. I know they put into it, so that's what my focus is.

“My focus is on coaching this team, on trying to get these guys to understand that there's a fine line in this league of winning and losing. Finding a way to get a win. That's what I'm focused on."

Vrabel added, “I’ll let you guys [in the media] fire me each week or not fire me. … I appreciate your question, I do. I will always understand that. We have to improve and we have to win. Those are things that we have to do.”

What the Titans have to do, Vrabel said, is stay consistent, feeling that in the end, the consistency is going to work.

“This sucks right now,” Vrabel said. “Nobody wants to be where we're at — not me, not anybody. But we are. We put ourselves in this position. So we'll get ourselves out.”

To that end, Vrabel said his approach will be to work as best he can so the club can show improvement.

“I'm going to get up. I'm going to sleep five hours like I do, and I'm going to come with a resolve,” Vrabel said. “I'm going to be thankful — this week, with Thanksgiving, I'm going to be thankful for this opportunity that I have to coach. I'm going to be thankful for my family. I'm thankful for this team, and I'm going to coach the hell out of them like I do every week.

“And I love Romeo Crennel, not only was he my position coach, I got to coach with him, and he always used to say it's a great life if you don't let it beat you down. And we're not going to let it beat us down but we're going to get back to work. And you can still be frustrated and upset and disappointed, but I'm also going to be thankful and hopeful for the opportunity that I get to coach this football team.”

Having lost their last three games, the Titans will play the Panthers at home on Sunday. Tennessee has won all three of its games played at Nissan Stadium in 2023.