Mike Trout needed a cortisone injection in his ailing right wrist

Los Angeles Angels superstar Mike Trout continues to be sidelined by a wrist issue. Trout hasn’t played since Aug. 1 due to the injury. On Monday, the team announced he would miss a few more games after receiving a cortisone injection in his injured wrist.

Mike Trout sidelined with wrist injury

Trout initially injured himself on a slide on Aug. 1. He was not in the lineup for the team’s next game and was considered day-to-day. After a few days off, the issue hasn’t gotten much better. That’s what led to Trout’s cortisone shot Monday. He’s still considered day-to-day.

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Mike Trout receives cortisone shot in injured wrist

Cortisone shots usually require a few days to fully take hold. If the team is confident the shot will help, Trout could return to the lineup soon. Depending on the severity of the injury, it’s possible Trout will need another cortisone shot later in the year.

Mike Trout’s wrist injury could impact the MVP race

Trout hasn’t been placed on the disabled list, which indicates the team believes he could return soon. Even if he only misses a few more games, Trout’s absence could impact the MVP race. He has a narrow lead over Cleveland Indians infielder José Ramírez for the award. Trout has accumulated 7.6 fWAR in 2018. Ramírez is at 7.5 fWAR. WAR isn’t the only stat people should use when determining the MVP, but it does a good job giving fans a snapshot of the league. That snapshot says Ramírez and Trout are neck and neck right now.

Will Mike Trout’s injury hurt the Angels’ postseason chances?

At 55-58, the Angels are in a tough spot. They need to go on a run in order to topple the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners for the second wild-card spot. Trout would definitely help, but the team is facing a steep uphill battle.

Mike Trout will continue to be sidelined by a wrist injury. (AP Photo)
Mike Trout will continue to be sidelined by a wrist injury. (AP Photo)

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