Mike Trout: MLB's purported plan for a quarantined season has 'red flags'

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If Major League Baseball wants to hold a season under quarantine, it’s going to have to do a little more to convince its biggest star.

Los Angeles Angels outfielder and perennial MVP candidate Mike Trout said Wednesday the plan has “red flags” and the idea of players only going back and forth from hotel rooms to the stadium, while not seeing their families, is “pretty crazy.”

Drawing specifically from his life, Trout gave the example of the upcoming birth of his first child. He said he wouldn’t miss that, so would he have to quarantine for two weeks afterward?

Here are his entire comments form NBC Sports’ “Lunch Talk Live” with Mike Tirico.

Trout raises a number of fair points — things we’ve heard since the idea of MLB season in quarantine was floated the past two weeks. Players would be taking on the brunt of the inconvenience and while Trout (and others) obviously want to get back on the field, they’re baseball players, not robots.

If they were asked to live for months at a time quarantined at a hotel in Arizona or Florida, only leaving to play games, and having to be away from their families, it would be divisive among players. Some would want to do it. Some wouldn’t, which makes sense because look at your Facebook news feed, getting everybody to agree on something these days is impossible.

To be fair, the MLB idea for a quarantined season isn’t anywhere near coming to fruition. It’s more like a brainstorm that went public than it is a realistic plan for a 2020 season. It *could* happen, sure, but it’s also one of numerous contingency plans that have been gossiped about the past month.

If MLB were to take a step forward into a quarantined season, it would need to do something to ease those red flags for Mike Trout and other stars.

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