Mike Tannenbaum proposes ridiculous Daniel Jones-DeShaun Watson trade

Deshaun Watson a New York Giant?

Don’t laugh. Former New York Jets general manager and current ESPN NFL analyst, Mike Tannenbaum, is suggesting the Giants trade for the troubled Cleveland Browns quarterback in a deal that would include Daniel Jones.

Speaking on the ESPN show Get Up this week, Tannenbaum outlined a deal that would send Jones to Cleveland in exchange for Watson and a second-round pick.

“Hear me out: If you’re the Cleveland Browns, you have Dorian Thompson-Robinson, you have Joe Flacco and now, a 27-year-old Daniel Jones who has one year left of guaranteed money for $36 million and an enormous amount of flexibility moving forward,” Tannebaum said, via the New York Post.

“If you’re the Giants, you’re getting Deshaun Watson, who’s 29, who’s making $46 million a year for the next three years and a second-round pick. To me, you need a front-line, difference-making quarterback. Right now, if you’re the Giants, how in the world do you win the NFC if you have to beat San Francisco, Green Bay, Dallas, Philly, and Detroit with Daniel Jones?”

The Giants, of course, would never even entertain such a trade, especially for Watson, whose troubled past would surely bring even more negative light on the team.

Jones may have been inconsistent and unavailable due to injuries during his five-year Giants career, but he is a model citizen. General manager Joe Schoen knows the Giants’ ownership wouldn’t go for it, either, so he’s not even thinking about Watson right now.

With the sixth pick in the upcoming NFL draft, the Giants — if they are serious about moving on from Jones — would use that pick to do it.

Story originally appeared on Giants Wire