Mike Sanford gives thoughts on Colorado’s QB situation in The Athletic

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New Colorado football offensive coordinator Mike Sanford has a unique task ahead of him with rebooting the Buffaloes’ scoring machine.

Although QB Brendon Lewis returns as the incumbent starter, Sanford said he’s looking forward to an “awesome competition” (h/t The Athletic) between B-Lew and J.T. Shrout, who was injured for the entirety of 2021. Sanford may not have been around Lewis last year but after a few months of looking at film and getting to know him, he gave high praises:

“I just love that he was able to fail at times in 2021 and basically he kept his composure, he kept his poise,” Sanford told The Athletic’s Doug Haller. “That’s the development and growth of a quarterback — how you deal with failure.”

Shrout, meanwhile, was a limited participant during spring ball. However, Sanford saw just enough to be impressed with his demeanor and physical attributes:

“He’s got incredible care factor, He has tremendous intensity. He’s got plus-plus-plus arm talent, and I think he has sneaky athleticism.”

Round two of the Lewis-Shrout QB battle is just beginning.