Mike Moustakas goes to extreme lengths to make sure young fan gets autograph

Ever try to get a famous person’s autograph only to realize you don’t have a pen? That can be a worst nightmare for unlucky fans.

Thankfully, Milwaukee Brewers infielder Mike Moustakas knows how to improvise. When Moustakas encountered a penless fan while out shopping, he did a potentially questionable thing to make sure that young fan walked away with an autograph.

Yep, he ripped open a Sharpie in the store and signed the kid’s hat.

We were only teasing about the “questionable” above. As the tweet indicates, Moustakas said he would pay for the marker. We don’t doubt him. He has the money to afford an extra marker.

And did you see the girl’s face when her brother’s hat was getting signed? Moustakas’ tactic was definitely worth it. Look how happy he made everyone involved.

Moustakas hasn’t been in Milwaukee all that long, but that picture and story should win over Brewers fans quickly. They have to appreciate Moustakas going the extra mile for his new fans.

Mike Moustakas went all out … to sign this autograph. (AP Photo)
Mike Moustakas went all out … to sign this autograph. (AP Photo)

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