Mike Miller loses shoe, plays two possessions without it, Pacers don’t score (VIDEO)

If any member of the Miami Heat was going to lose a shoe and have to run around in his sock for a minute or so during a playoff game, it was going to be Mike Miller. He's already dealt with problem after problem since joining the Heat before last season — thumb and shoulder injuries, hernia surgery, ankle sprains, probably countless other dings that never leave the trainer's room, plus actual real-life issues — so what's one more inconvenience?

Miller stepped out of his left shoe while rebounding a missed 15-footer by David West in the third quarter of Game 5. Rather than stay behind the play to put it back on and let his teammates run four-on-five for a few seconds — which wouldn't have been too damaging, considering Miami already had a 17-point lead — the former Rookie of the Year pressed on, tossing the shoe to the sideline and running to his spot on the wing.

After a Shane Battier miss, Miller had to hustle back on defense and actually wound up cutting off Leandro Barbosa's drive. He then stayed with Barbosa as Indiana set up its offense, sagged to chuck West as he dove to the basket, and recovered to contest Barbosa's deep end-of-the-shot-clock 3-pointer, which missed, leading to a James rebound and — mercifully for TNT color commentator Steve Kerr, who seemed really upset at Miller playing in his stocking feet — a timeout by Miami coach Erik Spoelstra to give his swingman the chance to get re-shod.

Two possessions, some sound defensive work and representatively bad offense by a Pacers team that couldn't seem to do anything right on that end. Miller's just lucky he's on the same team as Dwyane Wade. That guy knows how to take advantage of situations like this.

Is the clip above not working for you? Feel free to see the shoelessness elsewhere, thanks to 1jzo.