Mike Meadows is Tupac's song California Love

Erik Woods, Californiapreps.com staff
California Preps

6-foot 1 - count him out and it'll just make him bust you down, funk you up with that wet jumper of his, swoosh it in, turn you out. You'll need to get in this guy's grill unless you like losing.

Mike Meadows got hustle, he sweats effort. This dude been going hard ever since age 9, when he and his pops, Mike Sr., moved to Cali from Kentucky.

These 2 Mikes: senior and junior, they on that journey to show the world what's up. It's like them vs. the world, like chef Curry vs the L no doubt.

Tupac's California Love blares through my head as I watch Mike Jr play.

I ask him who he credits for shaping his game besides his dad. He tells me that his Campbell High coach Thomas Blunt has been that guy for him, helped him progress into being more than a catch and shoot player.

Every youngster needs that teacher of the game to help them make dreams into what we wish them to be, to be what is meant to be. It's like Dr Dre says, "The lyrics holla like a bass to your drum."

Mike Meadows Jr is...California Love.


Lil Mike says he appreciates playing for his BTI AAU team and he respects Robert Icart just as much as he does his Campbell Hall coach.

Speak on it youngster, "Our goal as a school is to get back to those winning days like Jrue Holiday and Justin Holiday had it going on back in the day. We believe we can.

“Our high school and AAU teams have something to prove. Our guys like Charlie Reaver and Jonny Garnett are all coming together to help us win. It's a team effort - every man giving his best because we always feel like we're counted out, that we’re the underdogs. But all our team is motivated though."

Yup, now you see, dude wants to show what he and his teams can do. Double M plays with an open heart, he's open in his recruitment, eyes wide shut to the haters. Mike Jr, he just wants to "go." I love watching him ball out.

I saw this cat "go" at the Pangos All American Camp recently - quick step, quick release, handle in traffic. Kid is a gamer as he says, " I try to model my game off of Steph Curry. He shows everyone that you don't have to be a tall player to be effective."


True that, and 2Pac lyrics come out clean just like this guard's game. This verse shows that game reps game:

"So you know the Row won't bow down to no man

Say what you say, but give me that bomb beat from Dre

Let me serenade the streets of L.A.

From Oakland to Sac-town, the Bay Area and back down

Cali is where they put they mack down

Give me love!"

Mike Sr. deserves credit for raising this great young man to show his love for ball; also his mom Berri Simpson (who still lives in Kentucky) deserves props as she cares for her boy so much like his pops does.

Mike Sr, he's a very articulate guy and is filled with passion. So many people I've known from Kentucky have that pure passion for ball. Mike Sr. played at Campbellsville University (KY), for coach Travis Ford and later spent time chasing his dream of playing pro ball.

He then settled down in the San Fernando Valley, taking care of his son and fostering his development as a sharp student and b-baller. Props to this pops, these two share a strong connection.

Just like 2pac & Dr Dre, their game is like a dope song, it just moves you. Just open your eyes and ears to hear and you'll see his game like I do fosho.


Mike Jr., I asked him when and where he got the love of hoop, "Age 7, I'd turn on ESPN, watch it for hours, let it run all day, watch the reruns, then watch them all over again because I love hoop so much. I just can't get enough hoop."

Mike Jr., he might want to a business major, start a fashion and clothing line, but yet this youngster has a pure heart to help others. He volunteers to help kids at his high school basketball camp.

Dope. That's why I see California Love in this dude. He reps out 2Pac music in hoop form.

He spits that ball game as a 6-1 combo guard gaining steam, say what you say, just give me a bomb beat from Mike Meadows Jr....all day!

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