Mike McDaniel yells 'Stop it!' at Bears' quarterback Justin Fields

Mike McDaniel yells 'Stop it!' at Justin Fields originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

Mike McDaniel tried a new defensive tactic against Justin Fields on Sunday.

"Stop it!" the Dolphins' head coach exclaimed at Fields after he ran out of bounds on Miami's sideline.

A hilarious, yet valiant attempt by McDaniel to stop the unstoppable Fields on Sunday.

The Dolphins' defense hasn't had much of an answer for Fields and the Bears' offense on Sunday.

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Fields recorded 178 rushing yards (an NFL record for a quarterback) and 123 passing yards against McDaniel's Dolphins. He threw for three touchdowns and ran for a 61-yard touchdown.

He is the first quarterback in NFL history to record three passing touchdowns and over 140 rushing yards in one game.

The Bears have proven themselves as a viable offense. In the past three weeks, the Bears' offense has recorded 33, 29 and 32 points.

Not even McDaniel's words can stop them.

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