Mike McDaniel says Dolphins don’t have time to sulk after loss to Bills

The Miami Dolphins suffered their most difficult loss of the season to the Buffalo Bills in Week 18. After holding first place in the AFC East for most of the season, Miami dropped all the way down from the No. 2 seed to the No. 6 seed in the playoffs.

“We lost a game that we think we’re capable of winning,” head coach Mike McDaniel said after the game. “Hats off to the Buffalo Bills for coming in here and winning the game.”

The Miami offense was stagnant in the second half, but their defense helped the team maintain a 14-7 lead into the fourth quarter. The turning point was a punt returned for touchdown by Bills receiver Deonte Harty in the opening minute of the final quarter.

Buffalo went on to win 21-14, as Miami couldn’t answer the call with multiple three-and-outs in the fourth quarter. This type of play from the offense will give Miami no chance of winning against the Kansas City Chiefs in the wild-card round.

The results of this game cannot be overstated for the Dolphins. Instead of staying put in Miami for a third matchup against Buffalo, the Dolphins have to go on the road to Kansas City where temperatures could drop to single digits.

“It’s a new season, as hard as it is, that’s part of the reason why you have so much joy in the game,” said McDaniel. “We don’t have time to sulk. This is what happens in football against a very good team. I’m very confident that our players and coaches will turn their attention full board to Kansas City because that’s all we can do.”

The Dolphins now have a short week to correct mistakes made in previous big games this season. The time is now to take the lessons learned and put them to use on Saturday against the Chiefs. McDaniel and his team have their work cut out for them on the heels of two devastating losses.

Miami faced Kansas City earlier this year in Germany, a game in which the Dolphins lost 21-14. It was another game where they had to learn difficult lessons while playing against playoff competition. They’ve been a considerably worse team on the road with a record of 4-4, and all four road losses came against other teams who are in the playoffs.

Story originally appeared on Dolphins Wire