Mike McDaniel: Nothing that’s happening with Tua Tagovailoa is a surprise to me

Through nine games, Tua Tagovailoa has performed as one of the best quarterbacks in the league.

He currently leads the NFL with a 115.9 passer rating and 9.2 yards per attempt. He’s fifth with 15 touchdown passes, despite missing a pair of games. Since returning from a concussion in Week Seven, he’s completed 70.3 percent of his passes for 945 yards with seven touchdowns and no interceptions. He’s also been sacked only twice.

On Wednesday, head coach Mike McDaniel praised Tagovailoa when asked about the quarterback’s success and how he’s handling it.

“Do you doubt that he’s handling it well? Let’s motivate that guy,” McDaniel quipped, tongue-in-cheek. “You just have a feeling about people when you’re forecasting uncharted territory. You don’t totally know, but you feel like you know.

“Anything that’s happening with him isn’t a surprise to me. It would’ve been a surprise if it hadn’t, just because the day-in, day-out work that I’m witnessing and the work that his teammates do and how his rapport is with them and all of that. But it doesn’t surprise me how he’s handled success because literally it has no distinction from when we first started working, before Game One and training camp and OTAs. And that’s awesome. That’s what I would’ve guessed.”

Still, McDaniel added, it’s been cool to see things come to fruition.

“[H]e knows exactly who he is,” McDaniel said. “He knows exactly what he needs to do to do his portion of his job well. And he’s not deviating from that at all. Very cool and good to see, but not surprising in the least.”

Tagovailoa will try to keep his strong play rolling with Sunday’s matchup against the Browns.

Mike McDaniel: Nothing that’s happening with Tua Tagovailoa is a surprise to me originally appeared on Pro Football Talk