Mike McDaniel hopes week in Germany prepares Dolphins for the week before the Super Bowl

The Dolphins spent the entire week in Germany practicing for Sunday's game against the Chiefs, and Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel hopes it's not the last time his team works for a week in unfamiliar surroundings.

McDaniel said he believes it can be valuable for the Dolphins to have a week of preparation practicing away from their own facility, as if they make it to the Super Bowl they'll spend a week practicing in Las Vegas before the game.

“In ultimate success, you need to be able to run your system remotely," McDaniel said, via Marcel Louis-Jacques of ESPN. "You don’t want your first reps running your system remotely to be the Super Bowl.”

For the Chiefs, who have been to three Super Bowls with Patrick Mahomes, running their system remotely is old hat. The Dolphins hope to dethrone the Chiefs as AFC champions, something a win on Sunday in Germany would help them accomplish.