Mike Macdonald provides first reaction to Byron Murphy on practice field

The Seahawks have to be thrilled that defensive tackle Byron Murphy slid all the way to them at No. 16. And if Murphy is pissed that he fell that far, even better.

Murphy, who has signed his rookie contract, is participating in the team's rookie minicamp. On Saturday, coach Mike Macdonald shared his first impression of the potentially dominant defender.

“Tough to really truly evaluate because of the tempo, but overall, a good start," Macdonald told reporters. "We’re not going to crown him right now like he’s the next best defensive tackle of all time, but we’re really excited about it. He shows all the bend and the strength at the point of attack and acceleration. Need to get in a little bit better shape, so we can get through a whole practice and fly around like we expect him to but he understands that just like the rest of these guys, it's so hard to stay in this elite shape the way the calendar is set up. So he'll get there but we'll be pushing them in the meantime."

It's always a challenge to balance expectations with reality, given that the incoming players train for the Scouting Combine and then spend a lot of time hopscotching the country before the draft.

Regardless, the Seahawks surely will bring Murphy along at the right pace. And they'll likely see a benefit from it, sooner than later.