Mike Leach goes off on reporter after 7th straight Apple Cup loss

Peter Socotch
NBC Sports Northwest

Chris Petersen continues to have Mike Leach's number. In fact, Washington has never lost to WSU with Petersen at the helm. 

The Washington Huskies once again shut down Mike Leach's air raid attack to clinch a 31-13 win in the 112th Apple Cup on Friday.

The Cougars finish their season 6-6, the Huskies close the season 7-5. 

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After the game, head coach Mike Leach was... unhappy. Or, maybe, unapologetically himself.  

Leach speculated that UW's better recruiting classes had something to do with it. But, when pressed by John Blanchette, columnist for The Spokesman-Review about whether he wasn't supposed to beat teams with better recruiting classes, Leach said this:

I don't really care to have a big discussion with you (Blanchette) on it, because I don't really care what you think. You know, you run your mouth in your little column and stuff like some sanctimonious troll. You've never been fair-handed with us. So, I really don't care what you think. Ok? Go ahead, because you're going to write some nasty stuff like you always do. And, I don't know which Coug did something back when that offended you, and I really don't care about that, either. But, you can live your little meager life in your little hole and write nasty things. And if that makes you feel even, you can go right ahead. 

It's unknown exactly what set Leach off on Blanchette. Possibly, a previous column where he wrote "Whatever you choose to call it, Washington State shows lack of electricity."

"This was mostly #Pac12Afterthought for the Cougs, Blanchette wrote. "Generally feckless on defense, curiously flat on offense. And soft."

Blanchette has yet to comment publicly on Twitter since his run-in with Leach. We'll keep you posted. 

Mike Leach goes off on reporter after 7th straight Apple Cup loss originally appeared on NBC Sports Northwest

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