Mike Leach encouraging Texas Tech fans to attend pregame rally for him

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Mike Leach wants his money from Texas Tech. (Getty)
Mike Leach wants his money from Texas Tech. (Getty)

Mike Leach really wants the money he feels he’s owed from Texas Tech.

Leach, the former Red Raider coach and current Washington State coach, was fired from the school after the 2009 season thanks to a brouhaha involving Adam James, the son of former SMU running back Craig James and Leach’s treatment of him after the tight end had a concussion.

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Two days after he was suspended, Leach was fired Dec. 30, just before he was set to get a guaranteed payout from the school per his contract.

Leach has tried to get the money he feels he’s owed. But he can’t. So after tweeting about his frustrations with Texas Tech this year, he wants people to air their grievances in person rather than on social media. Friday, he encouraged people to attend a rally in support of him before Texas Tech’s game at home vs. Iowa State.

Leach sued for wrongful termination after his dismissal from Tech but it was ruled he couldn’t collect monetary damages. Texas is a Sovereign Immunity state, and a party must have approval from the Texas legislature to sue a government entity. Remember, Texas Tech is a state school. Leach has repeatedly expressed his displeasure with the law, and earlier this week called the school “outright crooks.”

“You’re talking about an institution that hasn’t paid me for 2009. We won nine games in 2009 and they haven’t won nine since. Yeah, are there crooks there? Yeah.”

“Like felons, they oughta put them in jail.”

“Think about it, think about it in the case of Texas Tech. You’ve got schools that have actually had murders, you’ve got schools that have had rapes and sexual assaults, you’ve got schools that have cheated and fixed grades, you’ve got schools that have bought players. There’s only one school in the nation that’s shameful enough to have not paid their head coach. Only one. And that’s Texas Tech.”

“Texas Tech stands alone as far as just being sleazy as far as not paying their head coach. And can you imagine that? And they want to hide behind some nuance in the law — we’re the sovereign. How is your role as a sovereign — how are you operating in your role as a sovereign by not paying a contract that you signed? That you drew up and you signed?

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