Mike Hilton’s comments about Joe Burrow speak for all Bengals fans

By far the biggest story of Cincinnati Bengals OTAs is the health and showcase of one quarterback Joe Burrow.

Burrow, who coaches say isn’t on any sort of pitch count, has impressed in OTAs by making all types of throws with velocity on that surgically repaired wrist.

In a recent clip provided by Bengals radio announcer Dan Hoard, it was cornerback Mike Hilton who hit the proverbial nail on the head while watching from the sidelines as Burrow threw darts: “Beautiful sight to see. He’s back. He’s healthy.”

Short, succinct and to the point, right?

Burrow isn’t just back without a pitch count, either. He’s been closely working with hyped rookie Jermaine Burton. His first deep completion to a new name probably hints at things to come.

Perhaps most important of all, Burrow has packed on more muscle and has a new mindset as to how he’ll try to push through pain in 2024.

Story originally appeared on Bengals Wire