Mike Francesa 'would love to try' to manage the Yankees

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Mike Francesa would like to manage the Yankees. (Getty Images)
Mike Francesa would like to manage the Yankees. (Getty Images)

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman refused to rule out any names for the team’s vacant manager position, but we’re not sure this is what he had in mind. Long-time New York radio host Mike Francesa threw his hat into the ring during his radio show, saying he “would love to try” and manage the team.

While hosting his show, Francesa was asked whether he thought he could manage the Yankees. Here’s how he responded:

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“Sure,” Francesa says right off the bat, but then admits it would never happen. He goes on to say that he “could” do it, and would “love to try,” but that the team wouldn’t hire him. He compares it to WFAN looking for his replacement. The company isn’t going to hire someone with zero experience behind a microphone.

We have to applaud Francesa for taking the Joe Sportsguy take to the max here. Any time a manager fails, it’s not uncommon to hear fans say they could do a better job than the current guy. That’s not exactly what Francesa is doing here, but it’s close.

We don’t think he’s joking either. When asked whether he was serious about those comments on Wednesday, he doubled down, saying it’s just sports, not brain surgery.

Francesa does have experience talking about sports, we’ll give him that. But we’re not sure he’s the ideal candidate to manage a professional team. This is the same guy who said José Altuve was nothing special last year.

He also refused to believe relief pitcher Al Alburquerque was a real person. We’re willing to look past one of those two mistakes.

There are a few aspects in Francesa’s favor, though. First off, he’s retiring from his radio gig next month, so his schedule is wide open. Second, he’s dealt with angry and argumentative New York fans for years now, so he could probably handle the media.

Is merely entertaining the thought of Francesa as the next Yankees manager a terrible idea? Yes. Do we still want the team to interview him anyway? You know it!

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