Will Commanders trade for Bill Belichick?

“I caught wind over the weekend of some chatter in league circles with this notion that when the season ends, the Commanders will trade with the Patriots to get Bill Belichick.”

That’s how Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio introduced the rumor that the Commanders will pursue New England head coach Bill Belichick.

Florio continued, saying he was told, “Everyone is out. Jason Wright, team president; Martin Mayhew, general manager; Ron Rivera, head coach; all out.”

The PFT host conveyed that Monday’s trades of Montez Sweat and Chase Young also point to new owner Josh Harris cleaning house and getting his own people in there.

It’s important to remember that Belichick still has multiple years remaining on his contract. Indeed, if Washington were to pursue Belichick, it would cost them, and perhaps cost them dearly.

WJLA-TV sports anchor Scott Abraham said he too reached out and was told the rumor is simply not true.

But back to Florio: He said that once the season is over, Patriots owner Robert Kraft will simply sit back, not firing Belichick but waiting for Harris to make the first move.

Once Kraft and Harris would work out the compensation, then Harris would be free to contact Belichick and discuss the concept with Belichick and work out a deal.

Florio went even further, suggesting someone other than Harris would contact Belichick’s agent, and the two would be informally discussing the possibility if the other party were interested.

As to the origin of the story, Florio thought it was from the Belichick camp, getting the story out there so the league teams know that Belichick is going to be available for the right price after this season.

Would Harris pursue Belichick?

Or would Harris prefer someone younger, likely one of the more respected coordinators who desires to be head coach?

Story originally appeared on Commanders Wire