Mike Ditka says the Bears 'can win championships' with Mitch Trubisky

Bryan Perez

Consider former Bears coach Mike Ditka a fan of quarterback Mitch Trubisky.

Ditka joined David Kaplan Wednesday on ESPN 1000's Kap and Company and made quite the statement about Chicago's former second overall pick.

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Wow. That's...aggressive.

Trubisky hasn't done anything to suggest he even warrants another season as an NFL starter let alone a quarterback who's capable of winning multiple championships. 

Let's hope Bears GM Ryan Pace didn't hear Ditka's comments. They could serve as an affirmation of his borderline delusional opinion of Trubisky after three seasons. Pace's continued and unwavering support for Trubisky isn't surprising, considering he's the player on whom Pace's entire reputation as a talent evaluator hangs on. But if the front office is conducting an honest assessment of the quarterback room, one thing should be abundantly clear: they don't have a guy who can take charge in a Super Bowl season.

Ditka is the ultimate Bears backer, and he's beloved for it. But calling Trubisky a championship-level quarterback is next-level fandom that simply isn't supported by anything he's done over 41 regular-season starts.

Mike Ditka says the Bears 'can win championships' with Mitch Trubisky originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

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