Mike DiMauro: Come to Dr. I to learn everything under the Keesusk

May 25—Idle Thoughts, while waiting for the College World Series, the future champion Celts and Rangers and for the official list of 25 Women's Basketball Players Better Than Caitlin Clark:

— Dr. Idle, Dr. I to his close friends, received several inquiries about the jerseys the Connecticut Sun wore for the home opener/visit from Queen Caitlin two weeks ago.

The jerseys bore the name "Keesusk," which is the word for "Sun" in the Mohegan language.

The Mohegans have long since enjoyed Elton John's timeless hit "Don't Let The Keesusk Go Down On Me," and frequently visit Dr. I's column to learn about everything under the Keesusk.

— If Wednesday from the Addams Family married former golfer Don January and then divorced him for Purdue men's basketball player Caleb Furst, that would make her New Year's Day.

(Wednesday January Furst).

— Quiz: Who has the Celtics' record for most offensive rebounds in one season? (Answer below).

— In case you wonder why Dr. I often sports a foul mood, check out this gem from the Boston Globe:

"This season, NFL games will be played every day of the week except Tuesday. To watch games, fans will need access to NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, ESPN, NFL Network, Amazon, Netflix, ESPN+, and Peacock. Regular-season games will be played on three continents. Games will be played on Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas Day. The league will hold its third Wednesday game since 1948."

And we, gullible saps we are, will watch every game.

— Dr. I's recent travels produced this disturbing piece of information:

The Garden State Parkway has named one of its rest areas after ... wait for it ... Connie Chung.

And to think such designations once went to presidents and poets.

Now you just have to read successfully from a teleprompter.

Was Phil Donahue not available?

— Young pitchers who worship at the altar of the speed gun should heed the words of UConn-bound Brady Ericson, a 6-foot-7, junior left-hander at Woodstock Academy, who recently explained why he "only" throws 85 miles per hour:

"As long as I can locate, I feel like I'm being smart," Ericson said, after he two-hit East Lyme earlier this season. "A lot of young guys start chasing 95 and wind up getting hurt."

— Speaking of ECC baseball: Mad props to New London High athletic director Phil Orbe for enduring all the logistics (rain, different locations, needy coaches) this past week and running an outstanding conference tournament.

"Mitchell College saved the tournament by letting us use their field," Orbe said, deflecting the praise and alluding to how some games had to be moved from Dodd Stadium. "I can't thank Diane Miller, Todd Peretz and Shawn Gilblair enough."

— A happy umpiring retirement to the great Richard "Sarge" Pasqualini, whose last game over a 31-year career was Friday night's ECC Division II final.

Sarge also coached Niantic American Legion (in the John McDonald days) to the Zone VII title and helped the grounds crew on the East Lyme High field in 1988 when it hosted the state tournament.

When one opposing coach likened the setup to "the beach," Sarge finished manicuring the field before one game and threw an inner tube on the mound.

— Dr. I's favorite local tennis player: Waterford senior Catherine Chen. Seems Catherine is headed to higher education at The Holy Land next year, otherwise known as Boston College.

— On the subject of tennis: It turns out that Chen's teammate, four-time ECC champion Sarah Hage, is not the only four-time champion in ECC history, as Dr. I reported Wednesday.

Thanks to reader Anthony Kalinowski for unearthing that Marlene Kalinowski, now Marlene Reisler, (East Lyme, 1983-86) also won four straight (and 64 straight matches at one point).

— Good luck Sunday to BC women's lacrosse, playing for its second national title in the last four years. (Sure glad those BC sports can't compete anymore since leaving for the icky, rotten, greedy ACC).

— Best national announcing team in any sport: Sean McDonough and Ray Ferraro, who are magnificent doing the NHL.

— Quiz answer: Paul Silas grabbed 365 offensive rebounds for the Celtics during the 1975-76 season.

This is the opinion of Day sports columnist Mike DiMauro