Mike Brown wants Jimmy Goldstein to ask a press conference question (VIDEO)

Even if you're not familiar with him by name, you've probably seen NBA superfan Jimmy Goldstein at NBA games. It's hard to miss the mysterious multimillionaire at a big NBA game: He sits in the first row, wears pretty outrageous outfits usually only seen on fashion runways, and generally just looks like the world's coolest scarecrow. He legitimately loves basketball and shows it with his devotion to attending important games all around the country.

Due to his status, Goldstein also typically attends postgame press conferences for players and coaches. And while he never asks any questions — it's not his job, after all — he still commands attention. So it's notable that, after Wednesday night's loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder, Lakers head coach Mike Brown called on Goldstein to ask a question. He didn't have anything to say — again, he goes to the press conferences as a fan, not a member of the media — but it seems like Brown really wanted to give him some time in the spotlight.

It's unclear if Brown knows who Goldstein is or just identifies him as a guy who shows up at lots of games. We can only hope, though, that Goldstein has a question for Friday's Game 3. Ideally, it'd be about why Brown dresses like such a bum for his press conferences.

(Video via TBJ)

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