Migrant families find community at Brooklyn Soccer Center

BROOKLYN - A soccer center in Brooklyn is providing an important sense of community for migrant families.

The Sofive Brooklyn Soccer Center is giving migrant children from around the world the chance to play soccer in a fun environment for kids.

"I feel cheerful," a mother of three from Venezuela said.

She said that her family is seeking asylum here in the United States. The mother said explaining the bi-monthly Saturday soccer schedule to her 10-year-old son Daniel, 8-year-old son Dilan, and four-year-old Fabian is now part of their routine.

The kids told FOX 5 NY's Stephanie Bertini that they love the program and Mesi is their favorite soccer player.

Volunteer Talya Landesberg said about 40 kids are enrolled in a soccer clinch for migrant children called A3FC.

"It’s really a universal language – I don’t speak Spanish – there’s kids who speak Farsi--- through soccer we can connect we don’t need to speak." Talya Landesberg

From the gear to registering, the program is totally free.

For these children and their families, this is about much more than soccer, it's about laying roots here in New York City.

"We’ve been here a year," the mother from Venezuela said. The mother told FOX 5 her family lives in a city-operated shelter for migrants and right now paying for a program like this would not be possible.

"Parents can feel frustrated over not having the capacity to pay," she said.

Migrant activist, Power Malu is behind it all through his organization, Artists Athletes Activists. He is hoping donations can grow.

"For me, as a person on the front line – greeting migrants when they come to New York City – I see how distraught they are ---afraid and filled with anxiety, and then see the 180 feeling be able to feel welcomed – and be here," Malu said.

"I feel happy that my children feel happy," the mother said.