Middle School Colquitt County tennis sweeps against Valdosta

Mar. 6—MOULTRIE — The Colquitt County middle school tennis teams beat Valdosta 5-0 in their match on Monday.

Both the Packers and Lady Packers are 4-1 in the season thus far.

The Packers, coached by Tatum Shivers, had one of their five matches go into a tiebreaker set.

Pedro Rivera and Tripp Lucas, playing in No. 1 doubles, had set scores of 5-7; 6-2; 11-9.

The No. 2 doubles team of Micah Griffin and Lendon Wiggins won 6-2; 6-3.

Harrison Lampman, No. 1 singles, and Hudson Paige, No. 3 singles, both had set scores of 6-2; 6-3.

Landon Hembree in No. 2 singles won with both sets scored at 6-2.

Justin Stewart, the coach of the Lady Packers, saw all matches finish in those first two sets.

Allie Rowley in the No. 1 singles position, as well as the No. 2 doubles team of Catherine Cannon and Denin Dalton, finished both sets at 6-2.

6-4; 6-2 were the set scores for Bailee Howell and Lauren Nelms in doubles 1.

In No. 2 singles was Allie Cannon, who won 6-2; 7-5.

Scarlett Allegood, in No. 3 singles, ended her sets 6-3; 6-2.

Both the Packers and Lady Packers will face Coffee on Thursday, and then will travel to Valdosta on the March 12 to compete in the conference championship.