Microphone captures Miami Dolphins player adorably trying to find his mom

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An NFL player spent the entire game desperately looking for his mom in the stands, and now, the adorable microphone recording has gone viral. Judging by this heartwarming footage, Jerome Baker isn't just a linebacker for the Miami Dolphins — . he's also a bonafide mama's boy, and we mean that in the best sense. The touching video was captured by the NFL's "Mic'd Up" series, then later uploaded by @asportsnetwork, where it gained 4.2 million views and nearly 8,000 comments. Jerome is seen desperately looking into the stands throughout the game — and his microphone, hidden away within his uniform, captures his emotional roller coaster. The video starts with one of Jerome's teammates approaching him to ask, "You good?" "Yeah, I'm looking for my mama, bro... I can't see her" . Throughout the game, Jerome's microphone records his anxiety as he continues to look for his mom. "Bro, where is my mama, though?" "Bruh, where is my mama?". Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the sweet video in the comments. "He’s definitely a mama’s boy," one user wrote, a crying emoji in tow