Mick Jagger, who should know, makes fun of how old the Los Angeles Lakers are

The Los Angeles Lakers are old. Maybe not New York Knicks-styled “old,” but old and creaky and barely able to field a team last month when the hoped-for Western champs were swept in the first round by the San Antonio Spurs.

The Rolling Stones, as late night comedians have been telling you for a quarter of a century, are also old. Still, it’s the end of May, and at least the Stones are still playing. Which is why Mick Jagger decided to throw a diss Los Angeles’ way while playing the Staples Center. From USA Today:

"The only reason we're here is to make the Lakers look younger," Mick Jagger joked midway through an athletic marathon that would humble Kobe Bryant.

The Stones are embarking on a 50th anniversary tour, giving the band’s fans a chance to hear classics like “Mixed Emotions” and “One Hit to the Body” one last time. USA Today went on to point out that Tuesday night’s show lasted for two and a half hours, but did not include the song “Stray Cat Blues,” so I’ve lost interest.