Michigan Wins National Championship – What it Means for Notre Dame

Monday night saw Michigan overpower Washington in the national championship game and walk away with their first national title since 1997.

The win caps the 10 years of a four-team College Football Playoff as the tournament expands to 12 teams next year.

I’ve seen plenty of Notre Dame fans on social media bringing up the spying and cheating that Michigan participated in and that’s fine if that’s your thing I suppose but I won’t be participating in that.

Instead, I will focus on the following as the lifetime Notre Dame backer that I am.

If Michigan can win a national championship in THE MODERN college football ERA, then there is no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Notre Dame CAN do the same.

If that doesn’t excite you then I’ve got nothing else for you.

236 days until Notre Dame at Texas A&M to kickoff the 2024 season.


Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire