Michigan wants Jim Harbaugh to stay put

There's a narrative about Jim Harbaugh regarding his longevity. As many will say, he wears out his welcome quickly.

After nine years in Michigan, however, he's welcome to stay — apparently as long as he likes.

Following last night's 34-13 win over Washington to secure the school's first national championship since 1997, Michigan muckety-mucks made it clear that they want Harbaugh back.

I’m doing my very best,” Michigan president Santa Ono said after the game, via Aaron McMann of “And I hope that he will stay. As they said, we are champions. Those who stay will be champions.”

Athletic director Warde Manuel realizes it won't be easy to get Harbaugh to stick around.

“The man went to a Super Bowl, won a conference championship, went to a Super Bowl, went back to a conference championship,” Manuel said, via McMann. “How many did they fire today? That’s like an annual thing. If I was in the pros, I would want to talk to him too because of what he accomplished. However, I’m not in the pros and I want to keep him as our coach. . . .

“I want him to stay at Michigan. I’ve said. I believed it. Three to four years ago, when people wanted me to get rid of him, I didn’t because I believed it then and I believe it now.”

Harbaugh, if he stays, will have to deal with multiple pending NCAA investigations. He quite possibly prefers not to deal with the NCAA, at all. If he's ever going to go back to the NFL, there's no time like right now.

He'll never have more leverage. He'll never have more interest. He'll never have more options.