Michigan State basketball Big Ten Tournament rooting guide

At one point, it looked as if Michigan State was primed for a double-bye in the Big Ten Tournament. Now, after a collapse at Iowa and the cancellation against Minnesota, it is almost impossible.

While the Spartans are only going to play 19 conference games compared to everyone else’s 20, there still is a path to getting a top four seed in the Big Ten Tournament.

It is an outside chance, but there is a chance. The Spartans will need help from fellow Big Ten foes to get the job done.

Nonetheless, here is the official day-by-day rooting guide for Michigan State to get a double-bye in the Big Ten Tournament:


  • Illinois victory over Michigan

  • Minnesota victory over Rutgers

  • Purdue victory over Wisconsin


  • Michigan State victory over Ohio State


  • Indiana victory over Michigan

  • Penn State victory over Maryland

  • Rutgers victory over Northwestern

    • Northwestern victory over Rutgers, if Rutgers beats Minnesota

  • Purdue victory over Illinois

  • Nebraska victory over Iowa


If Rutgers loses to Minnesota:

  • 1. Purdue (15-5)

  • 2. Indiana (12-8)

  • 3. Michigan State (11-8)

  • 4. Six teams tied (11-9)

If Rutgers beats Minnesota, loses to Northwestern:

  • 1. Purdue (15-5)

  • 2. Indiana (12-8)

  • 3. Northwestern (12-8)

  • 4. Michigan State (11-8)

  • 5. Five teams tied (11-9)

Story originally appeared on Spartans Wire