Michigan sign stealing scandal: Social media reacts

The biggest story in college football this week is the sign stealing controversy at Michigan.  As the days have gone on we’ve learned that the depths Michigan went to get opponents signs ahead of games is quite thorough.

This from our colleagues at Wolverines Wire:

According to ESPN’s Pete Thamel, Connor Stalions — the NCAA’s person of interest — has reportedly purchased tickets to more than 30 games of Michigan football’s opponents over the past three years, and he did so in his own name, per the report. Thamel says that ESPN has extensive evidence also of the paper trail and that 11 Big Ten schools have provided proof of the claims.

Woof.  Where there is smoke there is usually fire is all I’ll say for now.

In regards to Notre Dame and why it matters to Fighting Irish Wire:  despite Michigan not being on the schedule annually anymore, they’re still as big of rival that the Irish have outside of USC.  Anything that happens with Michigan is relevant to Notre Dame in terms of recruiting and program building.

With that in mind, here is how social media has reacted in the wake of the cheating scandal in Ann Arbor.

New Look Harbaugh

Damning Evidence

What happens in the future?

Different coach since 2021?

Michigan depth concerns

Whole lot of nothing to show?

New Cereal

That's just mean...

Something smelled funny to this guy

Little Giants for the win!

Look out, Penn State

From Ross Dellenger

Ric Flair...yeah, this is actually real

How things changed

Not great...

Story originally appeared on Fighting Irish Wire