Michigan receiver Roman Wilson wears "Free Harbaugh" T-shirt during pregame warmups

He's gone (for game day) but not forgotten.

Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh is suspended for this week's and next week's games. Nevertheless, Michigan receiver Roman Wilson was wearing a “Free Harbaugh” T-shirt during pre-game warmups at Maryland.

The defiance is confusing. Harbaugh accepted the suspension. Michigan abandoned its lawsuit. (Michigan actually tried to create the impression the case was settled.)

There's nothing to free. Harbaugh took the punishment. If they'd gone to a hearing on Friday and Michigan had lost and Harbaugh had vowed to appeal to the highest court in the land, fine.

But that's not the case. There's no one to free. It's over.

That said, if the Wolverines can derive motivation from the perception that they got screwed over in some way, so be it. This narrative would be a lot easier to push if the guy who was vowing to thunder away in the courtroom like Tom Cruise hadn't packed up his bag and walked out like Kevin Pollack.