Michelin reinvents the sail by introducing inflatable “wingsail”

Michelin developed WISAMO, a “plug-and-go” system that allows any watercraft to use wind power with the press of a button. WISAMO is an inflatable “wingsail” that resembles an airplane wing that propel watercrafts forward. The technology is as old as time, but the reinvention allows the wingsail to operate autonomously without the need of a large crew. Learn more at Michelin.com

Transcript: Reinventing the sail. WISAMO is an inflatable sail created by Michelin designed to lower CO2 emissions. Unlike regular sails, WISAMO is designed as a “plug-and-go” attachment. That can be adapted to “any kind of vessels” and operates autonomously. The sail itself is called a “wingsail” and resembles an airplane wing. Like regular sails, WISAMO uses the power of the wind to propel water crafts forward. What makes WISAMO unique is that it can inflate and deflate with the press of a button eliminating the need for a full crew to ready the sail.