Michael Vick spoke to the Chiefs during their Friday practice ahead of Super Bowl LVIII

The countdown to kickoff is underway for the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers to this Sunday’s Super Bowl LVIII matchup. The week of festivities and media scrums in Las Vegas can finally take a backseat to the biggest game of the year at Allegiant Stadium.

The Chiefs completed their last scheduled practice on Friday and received a visit from a legendary quarterback. Former four-time Pro Bowler Michael Vick was in attendance and reportedly spoke to the team as they went through the final preparations for this Sunday. He also appeared on Radio Row during the week to talk with WGN-TV’s Jarrett Payton and Chris Hagan about the evolution of dual quarterbacks.

“Passing that torch, man, and watching these guys, we are all different. We’re not all the same; some of us look like one another in certain aspects, but I think it is just the way the game is headed. These guys continue to play the way they’ve been playing and continue to represent us as dual threats.” said Vick, “I think it’d take them far because I just feel like now in the National Football League, got to be able to run the football as a quarterback. So it’s great to see these guys taking it further.”

Vick spent time with head coach Andy Reid as a member of the Philadelphia Eagles from 2009-2013. He earned the 2010 NFL Comeback Player of the Year award and credited Reid for helping turn his life around. He faithfully supports his former coach and Patrick Mahomes in Sunday’s game.

“Patrick (Mahomes) is one guy who he never wavers, like when you got Andy Reid, and know what that relationship is like, And then you got a talent like Patrick Mahomes, the guy who got all the talent in the world and super smart and understand what football is supposed to be and look like. It’s evident. You can beat anybody. I’m going Chiefs,” said Vick, “I’m never gonna bet against Andy Reid.”

The Las Vegas showdown between two quarterback styles should call for a tremendous performance.

Story originally appeared on Chiefs Wire