Michael Thomas crushes Rams' souls, channels Joe Horn in 1 fell swoop

Michael Thomas had himself a day against the Los Angeles Rams.

The New Orleans Saints wide receiver tallied 211 receiving yards in a thriller to hand the Rams their first loss of the season, 45-35.

Michael Thomas burns Marcus Peters for game winner

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His late 72-yard touchdown that saw him streak by Rams cornerback Marcus Peters from the slot was the final score of the game and sealed the huge win for the Saints as they improved to 7-1 and knocked off the league’s last unbeaten team.

And he seemed to know it was coming.

Thomas dialed in

Thomas had a prop in place in anticipation of celebrating a touchdown, and he put it to use after the biggest score of the game.

Michael Thomas won in a lot of ways on Sunday, including shouting out a beloved former Saints receiver. (Getty)
Michael Thomas won in a lot of ways on Sunday, including shouting out a beloved former Saints receiver. (Getty)

After running into the end zone, Thomas went straight to the goal post where he pulled out a cell phone to deliver a very important message about his scoring success.

And it wasn’t just any modern-day cell phone. It was a flip phone.

Ode to Joe Horn

Cue former New Orleans receiver Joe Horn.

The long-time New Orleans Saint pulled the same flip-phone move in 2003 on a touchdown catch back before flip phones constituted a retro look.

Thomas was ready with the Horn ode for any quarter, telling reporters he had flip phones stashed in both goal posts.

He just happened to get a chance to use it on the biggest play of the game.

Horn saw the play and said he was moved to tears. He told the New Orleans Times-Picayune that Thomas’ tribute prompted him to buy a No. 13 jersey.

So about that flip phone?

The celebration raises one important question. Where does one procure a flip phone in 2018?

A liquor store, of course. Because that’s where resources for some of the best celebrations are found. And burner phones.


Love from Uncle Keyshawn

Thomas’ uncle, Keyshawn Johnson, one of the NFL’s more animated celebrators in his own day, showed some love for his nephew while sporting his jersey.

Though it seems unlikely that an actual phone call was made on the play.

Officials ready with the flag

Thomas’ celebration drew a penalty flag before he could even find the phone. The officials knew what was coming.

No matter. The 10-point lead with less than four minutes to go was too much for the Rams to overcome.

The Saints got the win, and Thomas got in a shout-out to an old-school Saints player to further endear him in the hearts of New Orleans fans.

Totally worth it.

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