Michael Strahan on Dwayne Haskins' antics: 'It makes me mad'

Ethan Cadeaux
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Michael Strahan on Dwayne Haskins' antics: 'It makes me mad' originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

Dwayne Haskins will make his second consecutive start for the Washington Football Team on Sunday, capping off what has been a drama-filled week for the second-year quarterback. 

Haskins was caught partying mask-less on Sunday after Washington's loss, celebrating his girlfriend's birthday. The QB was reportedly fined a league-high $40,000 for his antics and stripped of his captaincy. But, with Washington fighting for a division crown and Alex Smith unable to play, Haskins remains Washington's QB1.

Haskins' careless decision has been a national storyline all week, and on FOX's NFL Sunday Kickoff show, former Giants pass rusher and current analyst Michael Strahan teed off on the Washington quarterback.

"It makes me mad," Strahan said on Haskins' decision making.

That was just the beginning of Strahan's rant, as the Hall of Famer was vividly upset with Haskins potentially squandering a great opportunity to turn his so-far forgettable NFL career around.

"It makes me bad because you work so hard to get to a certain point in your life," Strahan said. "You want to make it to the NFL. Now, you're in the NFL and you think 'Oh, I was drafted. I made it.' No, you haven't. You're just in the NFL, and this goes as quickly as it comes. The NFL is very impatient. They don't have time to babysit. They don't have time to babysit a grown man."

Strahan's last point specifically stands out. Even before this past weekend's incident, Haskins' future in Washington was bleak at best.

Haskins began the season as Washington's starter but was relegated to third-string after just four games. In his 12 career NFL starts over two years, the former Ohio State star has shown little promise that Washington should build around him as their QB of the future.

Now, after this past incident, rumors have surfaced that Haskins' time in Washington is running out, even if he's currently the team's starter with a playoff berth at stake.

"The more of these things [Haskins] keep[s] on doing, the less patient Washington is going to be with you," Strahan said. "Which, in turn, means the rest of the league isn't going to want you, either."

This incident marked the second time Haskins was fined for violating COVID-19 protocols this season, as he was fined in October for booking a reservation for a family friend at the team's hotel ahead of Washington's Week 8 game against the Giants.

Strahan, like many people around the league, still believe Haskins has plenty of talent. But for now, the second-year quarterback's decision-making, both on and off the field, have left many feeling that he's wasting his talent.

"One day, you're gonna find yourself sitting on the couch in your mid-20s, late 20s and you're going to regret not doing what you needed to do to be the best at something you're so talented at," Strahan said. "You're going to waste your talent. You're going to watch guys who weren't as talented as you, weren't as picked as high as you, complete, play and do things you could have done."

With Haskins getting one final chance -- something the QB himself alluded to this week -- he simply cannot afford to mess up once again.

"Get it together, because there are no more excuses," Strahan said. "I hate, hate watching guys throw their opportunity away."