Michael Porter: ‘I’m not against the vaccine’

“My main thing is: We don’t have years and years of data for how it can affect you,” Porter tells me. “So for me, I know I’m immune to COVID right now—more immune than a lot of people with the vaccine are. I’ve had it twice. I’ve got the antibodies, all those things. It’s just laying off on it for now. I’m not against the vaccine. What I’m against is not allowing other people to have a choice, or people trying to force it on other people.”
Source: Rob Mahoney @ The Ringer

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Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Nikola Jokic, Michael Porter Jr. and Monte Morris are all OUT in the Nuggets last preseason game
Thunders starters appearing to be sitting as well. Battle of the second units. – 6:42 PM

Vinny Benedetto @VBenedetto
Will Barton III will play tonight. Michael Malone said he’ll be smart with Barton’s minutes. Nikola Jokic, Monte Morris and Michael Porter Jr. will not play tonight. – 6:38 PM

Katy Winge @katywinge
Nuggets Injury Report final preseason game:
Jokić questionable, left ankle soreness
MPJ questionable, left knee soreness
Morris questionable, left patellar tendon management
Gordon out, rest
Dozier out, right ankle sprain
Jeff out, rest
JaMychal out, right ankle sprain – 3:19 PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Nuggets injury report for tonight at OKC (Tulsa)
Part 1:
– Nikola Jokic (left ankle soreness) is questionable
– Michael Porter Jr. (l knee soreness) is questionable
– Monte Morris (left patellar tendon management) is questionable – 3:16 PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Interesting 4Q sequence: Malone subs in the rest of his starters — MPJ, Gordon — for Jeff Green and Bones Hyland with 5:49 left and Nuggets trailing 97-92. MPJ takes these two shots over the next few possessions. With OKC now leading 101-94, Malone replaces MPJ with Bones. pic.twitter.com/uVFP3k8P7B12:16 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
NEW episode of Pickaxe and Roll, presented by @DKSportsbook:
My thoughts on the Nuggets preseason loss to OKC, including…
-Barton back healthy
-MPJ and AG take a step back
-Bench still has no answers
-Jokić…is still Jokić denverstiffs.com/2021/10/13/227…1:39 AM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Michael Malone is going back to the starters but looks like MPJ is on the bench with Bones Hyland now in his place. – 10:16 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
Bones looks like he’s closing this game in place of MPJ. – 10:14 PM

Brandon Rahbar @BrandonRahbar
Just one preseason game, but…
OKC and Denver are both playing their real rotation players. Jokic, MPJ, Gordon, Morris and Barton.
And OKC’s been up 15-19 points the entire 3rd quarter.
A top 5 pick is the endgame this season. But per usual, OKC looks competitive and fun. – 9:47 PM

Jon Hamm @JonMHamm
Darius Bazley Michael Porter Jr
Getting blocked by the rim – 9:39 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Michael Porter Jr. just missed a fast break dunk.
Not having a good game against OKC and it will be a good with plenty of thing to watch for in the film session. – 9:34 PM

Duvalier Johnson @DuvalierJohnson
Michael Porter Jr. with the blow-by and flush.
Loosening the defense with the 3-ball and occasionally getting inside like that will open up the Nuggets offense.
Also gets him in a rhythm – 9:07 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
A quarter to forget for MPJ. He’s been bad. – 8:40 PM

Katy Winge @katywinge
I actually think that kick for MPJ in his shot is somewhat normal. Especially when he’s coming off a screen and squaring up. He might have to adjust that with the way the refs will be calling that action this season. – 8:40 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
MPJ has got to stop kicking out so far on his jumper. He’s not trying to create contact, and it’s BS, but it’s gonna get called anyway. – 8:40 PM

Michael Singer @msinger
P.J. Dozier is the first #Nugget off the bench for MPJ. Malone intimated he’d stagger Porter with the second unit. If this works, Dozier might consistenly be the first guy off the bench. – 8:25 PM

Adam Mares @Adam_Mares
It’s crazy how unbothered MPJ is by most closeouts. Truly doesn’t even see the defender. – 8:16 PM

Harrison Wind @HarrisonWind
Nuggets going with their opening night starting lineup for the first time this preseason: Monte Morris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon, Nikola Jokic – 7:42 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Nuggets starters are as expected:
Monte Morris
Will Barton
Michael Porter Jr.
Aaron Gordon
Nikola Jokić
Now we get to see what this team is really made of. – 7:40 PM

The Ringer @ringernba
Michael Porter Jr. has opened up new possibilities for one of the NBA’s most compelling contenders. His transformative promise allows the Nuggets to dream bigger. – 7:09 PM

NBA Math @NBA_Math
🗣NEW @HardwoodKnocks
👉Denver Nuggets Lookahead w/ @Adam_Mares
🔘 Murray (3:06)
🔘 Bones (6:35)
🔘 MPJ (10:55)
🔘 AG (18:50)
🔘 Bigs (22:31)
🔘 Jokic (26:39)
🔘 Lineups (36:08)
🔘 Dozier (45:01)
🎧 bit.ly/hwkx518
FULL BREAKDOWN⬇️ pic.twitter.com/LYCeGvWmoL6:44 PM

Vinny Benedetto @VBenedetto
Michael Malone says the Nuggets will start Monte Morris, Will Barton, Michael Porter Jr., Aaron Gordon and Nikola Jokic tonight – expects starters to play in the high 20s as far as minutes go. JaMychal Green will be held out tonight as a precaution with a minor ankle injury. – 6:33 PM

Rob Mahoney @RobMahoney
Michael Porter Jr. is talented enough to do anything on a basketball court. With that comes the weight of deciding exactly who he wants to be: theringer.com/2021/10/13/227…4:49 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
Jamal Murray shot 48.8/44.4/91.2 with Jokic and MPJ on the floor last year. – 4:34 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
MPJ’s per 36 numbers last season with Jokić ON vs OFF: pic.twitter.com/ZTWGBNpAvW4:15 PM

Ryan Blackburn @NBABlackburn
So, @Rob Mahoney is very good at his job. This Michael Porter profile was very good. theringer.com/2021/10/13/227…2:33 PM

NBA Math @NBA_Math
2021-22 preseason #CrystalBasketball grades for the Denver Nuggets:
5. Will Barton: 5.44 (0.02 down)
4. Aaron Gordon: 6.11 (0.1 down)
3. Jamal Murray: 7.44 (0.33 down)
2. Michael Porter Jr.: 7.67 (0.82 up)
1. Nikola Jokic: 11.0 (0.08 down)
nbamath.com/crystalbasketb… pic.twitter.com/jBVQVmVIiH12:30 PM

Rob Mahoney @RobMahoney
A max extension. A golden opportunity. Michael Porter Jr.’s moment is finally here: theringer.com/2021/10/13/227…11:21 AM

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