Michael Pittman: I feel like QB changes haven’t affected me much, but I can’t control that

Since entering the league as a second-round pick in 2020, Colts receiver Michael Pittman has played with a carousel of quarterbacks.

The latest is now Sam Ehlinger, as head coach Frank Reich announced the young signal-caller’s promotion to QB1 earlier this week.

While that could mess with a young receiver’s progression, Pittman seems to be rolling with whatever comes just fine — at least based on his comments to reporters on Thursday.

“I’d say first of all, the Colts have done a really good job at bringing really great guys in here,” Pittman said, via James Boyd of TheAthletic.com. “Phillip [Rivers]: Hall of Famer, Carson Wentz: Super Bowl champ, Matt [Ryan]: Hall of Famer. So it hasn’t been like they’ve just been bringing in anybody. They’ve all been great guys.”

Ehlinger doesn’t quite come with the same credentials, as he was a sixth-round pick in last year’s draft. But he has been with the team throughout that time, which is longer than Rivers, Wentz, or Ryan when those QBs began starting.

Regardless, Pittman said he doesn’t think the QB changes have had a negative impact on him.

“I feel like it hasn’t really affected me that much, but — I can’t control that,” Pittman said. “Just go out and play. But like I said, they’ve brought in a bunch of great guys, a bunch of great quarterbacks. It’s not like they’re just bringing in any guy they get off the street. There’s been a bunch of great quarterbacks that come through here.”

Pittman has been one of the Colts’ most consistent weapons so far in 2022, catching 44 passes for 475 yards with a touchdown. We’ll see if that continues with Ehlinger beginning on Sunday.

Michael Pittman: I feel like QB changes haven’t affected me much, but I can’t control that originally appeared on Pro Football Talk