Michael Malone on Nuggets' 3-1 lead in NBA Finals: 'We haven't done a damn thing yet'

The Denver Nuggets head coach spoke on Friday night as his team is one win away from its first championship.

Video Transcript

- Coach, you talked before the game that tonight was must win. Now with the opportunity to close it out, what's the message going to be to the guys over the next couple of days?

MICHAEL MALONE: Yeah, just understand that we haven't done anything. You know, like I told our guys, the first thing I said, we're not celebrating. It's a good win. We've done our job. But we're not celebrating like we've done anything yet. We know we're going to have to go home and turn off the TV, the radio. Don't read the papers. Don't listen to everybody telling you how great you are because we haven't done a damn thing yet.

We have to win another game to be world champions. And we're going to do that by simply taking it one quarter at a time. And we stay true to our identity, we'll give ourselves a great chance to do that.