Michael Malone on Christian Braun: 'He's very confident, and he should be'

Following Denver's 109-94 Game 3 win, Nuggets head coach Michael Malone praises rookie Christian Braun's explosive performance.

Video Transcript

MICHAEL MALONE: No, he showed up with that. I mean, that young man, like I said earlier, Vinny. When you win three straight High School State Championships, when you win a National Championship in which he never came out of the game, played all 40 minutes, and he's very confident and he should be.

I mean, like we believed in him, we drafted him, and he's everything we hoped for and more. But that confidence is something that his mother, his father, his family that I think he's had it from a very early age.

CHRISTIAN BRAUN: Yeah, just-- I mean, those guys trust me. So I can't really fail if I go out there and play hard. They don't expect much from me. As far as the offensive end, they just expect me to go out there and give effort on defense, rebound, whatever it is. Try to get extra possession for those guys to score.

So they trust me and they put me in the right spots. And all I got to do is lay a ball in and then get a steal. So my job is pretty easy, and those guys made me look pretty good.