Michael Jordan's daughter Jasmine debuts Air Jordan 'Heiress' sneakers, and they're awesome

Jasmine Jordan is starting with Air Jordans, but she’s got big plans for her future. (Instagram/@mickijae)
Jasmine Jordan is starting with Air Jordans, but she’s got big plans for her future. (Instagram/@mickijae)

Jasmine Jordan, the daughter of Michael Jordan, may not be a basketball player, but she’s part of the Jordan empire in her own way. Jasmine currently works as the Charlotte, North Carolina brand representative for her father’s Jordan Brand, and while she’s undeniably a Jordan, she’s working to carve out her own unique place in a world that will always associate her with her famous father.

Jasmine is starting somewhere familiar: with footwear. She’s created a new shoe for the Nike Air Jordan brand, and they are pretty much everything you could want in a sneaker. They’re called the Air Jordan XI “Heiress,” a more feminine interpretation of the Air Jordan XI.

All dressed up. The #AirJordan XI Retro 'Heiress' is available now. Link in bio.

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Jasmine talked about the shoe with Lauren Porter at ESSENCE, and one thing is clear: even though Jasmine is just 24, she knows exactly what she’s doing when it comes to sneakers.

“The Ones and the Elevens have always been my favorite Jordan sneaker,” youngest child of the world famous hooper and his ex-wife, Juanita Jordan told ESSENCE. “Our design team loved the fact that the Elevens are already an iconic shoe based off of my dad’s history with it. They wanted to create a more feminine design and give consumers an extended girl’s size. With this design, people get a shoe that’s elevated luxury and a holiday season shoe that is very elegant, clean and classy.”


“The almost black velvet material with that kind of diamond shine elevated the look to make the shoe more sleek and the all black is hit,” she added.

The kicks were apparently inspired by the famous “Little Black Dress” wardrobe staple, and it shows. They’re feminine without being ultra girly, and they’ve got some sparkle without being over-the-top blingy. They’re sleek and stylish, and would work for the holidays or a night out.

Jasmine also talked about the “Heiress” brand name, and how she hopes it translates into more than just a name, but also a feeling that someone gets when they wear them.

“I just want to people to understand that as corny as it may be, anybody and everybody can be an Heiress. Heiress isn’t just true to it’s actual definition. In all actuality everybody can be an heiress because it is just another form of being a boss. You can just be yourself, take control and have independence. If I’m able to let people know one thing, it’s be whoever you are because you can claim it and own it. It is not hard but you gotta work for it,” Jordan explained to ESSENCE.

The shoes are $220, and would be available for purchase on Nike’s website if they weren’t completely sold out.

Though sneakers are her current project, Jasmine has ambitions far beyond footwear. She’s got big ideas and plans for the Charlotte Hornets, which is owned by Jasmine’s dad. She hasn’t revealed what those plans are just yet, but it’s a good bet that they’ll be seriously stylish.

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