Michael Jordan wouldn't allow 'The Last Dance' crew to film in his home

You know that beautiful, beach-front property that Michael Jordan uses to give interviews for “The Last Dance”? If you’ve been breaking down the decor in that space hoping to gain some secret insight into Jordan’s personality, you can stop now. That isn’t actually Jordan’s house.

In fact, none of the three locations where Jordan has given interviews during “The Last Dance” are owned by Jordan. The 57-year-old Hall of Famer didn’t allow “The Last Dance” crew to film in his home, according to Insider.

Jason Hehir, director of “The Last Dance,” told Insider that Jordan wanted to keep his home private. Hehir rented out the house with the ocean view, thinking Jordan would like it. When Hehir realized he wasn’t going to be able to get all the interviews he needed with Jordan in one location, Hehir asked some friends if he could shoot interviews with Jordan in their houses. Those friends agreed. Hehir joked that people are pretty willing to open their doors for Michael Jordan.

Jordan’s actual home is located on a golf course resort, according to Insider. It’s just as massive as you might think.

Jordan's real home in Jupiter is located in The Bear's Club golf course resort, a gated community that features a course created by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus. Jordan's 3-acre, 28,000-square-foot-mansion is made up of 18 structures, has 11 bedrooms, a two-story guardhouse, and one wing of the house is a dedicated workout facility complete with a basketball court.

Oh, and if you’re wondering why Scottie Pippen seems to be giving interviews from an empty house, it’s because Pippen had just moved into a new house when he spoke to Hehir for the documentary.

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