Michael Jordan can still dunk at age 50 (Video)

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So, apparently, "this still happens."

Yep, that's Michael Jordan — who, as you might recall, turned 50 years old back in February — raising up and throwing down at his Flight School basketball camp on Thursday. Hit the jump to unfold the quinquagenarian one-hander unfold as it happened, live on video and in living color:

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Not the most ferocious tomahawk you've ever seen, but hey, it's not easy to call down the thunder while simultaneously being nice to a small child and wearing jeans.

Sure, it's great to see the Chicago Bulls legend/Hall of Famer/greatest basketball player of all time take flight once more, but if M.J. wants to impress us, he's going to need to step his game up; I mean, Julius Erving just did this at age 63. If we're not seeing a tongue-wagging two-hander or rock-the-cradle remix from His Airness come the spring of 2026, we might have to Jordan's place in the pantheon of all-time dunkers, and no one wants to do that. I wouldn't bet against M.J. being able to match the Doctor's feat; he might want to ditch the jeans on that attempt, though. (Yeah, like that's going to happen.)

Video via JordanMilesBballStar, with a hat-tip to Ballislife. Photo via @MJFlightSchool, with a hat-tip to The Score.

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