Michael Jordan gave Scottie Pippen a dance-off for Pip’s 47th birthday

As you all know, the 47th birthday is the Fun Dance-Off Birthday, a celebration of how much fun it is to just get out on the floor with a handful of likeminded individuals and compete for the title of Best Dancer At This Party, but really just gently, because hey, we're all here to have fun, guys. (Popular participants in the Fun Dance-Off Birthday include Everybody's Moms and Aunts.)

And yet, as the end of the night neared at the surprise 47th birthday bash held for Scottie Pippen at Chicago celebrity hangout Sunda on Monday night, nary a famous reveler had attempted to jovially serve the 2010 enshrinee in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Not Ahmad Rashad, not Antoine Walker, not Nazr Mohammed, not Worldwide Wes — nobody.

Luckily, one of Pippen's longtime allies — fellow Chicago Bulls legend, Hall of Famer and perennially sharp-dressed man Michael Jordan — doubles as one of the greatest late-game performers in the history of anything, a category that by necessity includes birthday-perfectin'. Take it away, Page Six of the New York Post:

Sources told us the fun night ended with a dance-off between Jordan and Pippen to the Trey Songz and Fabolous song, "Say Ahh." [sic]

Maybe a better evening-ender than Game 6. Hard to say, really, because we don't have video confirmation of just how the dance-off to "Say Aah" went down, which is one of the saddest sentences I've ever had to type.

Wondering why "Say Aah," specifically, was the song of choice? We'll let Monsieur Songz's lyrics answer that (emphasis mine):

Shawty, dance like a video vixen
Said her man be on that bulls*** pimpin'
Well, I retired from the bull like Pippen
Tryin' to get you home or would you be Marge Simpson

BRB, just going to bliss out for a few minutes envisioning MJ and Scottie doing the Bartman until the break of dawn.

Now, obviously, this is just a really cute and lovely thing, but while imagining these two NBA legends and noted competitors cutting a rug and vying for dance-floor dominance, we can't help but wonder: Who won?

Then again, considering this archival footage of the two of them dancing during their playing days:

... and how off MJ looked when the other MJ tried to teach him how to dance ...

... and this shot of Pippen with both feet planted firmly on the ground while dancing with his wife, Larsa:

... it seems like a decent bet that this was the kind of dance-off in which there were no winners. Only survivors.

(Of course, if you do come across the video, give us a shout on Twitter or Facebook, because we clearly need to see that.)

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