Michael Jordan (and kid) bests Jimmy Butler (and kid) at a shooting competition (Video)

Michael Jordan (and kid) bests Jimmy Butler (and kid) at a shooting competition (Video)

It’s August, and in the days before school starts it’s also time for basketball camps. To sit cross-legged n a hardwood floor while hoping that everyone else notices the shoes that you mortgaged way, way too much of your allowance to buy while watching a shooting drill as presented by an assistant coach you’ve never heard of.

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Or, if you’re lucky, a fringe NBA player. Or, if you’re really, really lucky, the NBA’s Most Improved Player and the greatest basketball player of all time.

Watch Chicago’s Jimmy Butler and Bulls legend Michael Jordan wow the kids at Jordan’s camp, with You Know Who winning things as always:

Unless you have a real soft spot for Ben Gordon’s work off the bench on the 2004-05 Bulls (and, hey, we kind of do), Butler is the best shooting guard the Bulls have had since Jordan retired following the 1997-98 season.

We’d say that this served as some extra motivation for the current Charlotte Hornets owner to take down Butler in a shooting display with two young campers, but with Jordan you get the feeling he’d try to beat his own Aunt Pearl in a game of Knockout and then Around the World before demanding that she come back to the court for a game of 21.

(Thanks to Matt Moore at CBS Sports for the heads-up.)

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