Michael Jackson once served T-Pain the strangest snack at his home

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On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, rapper T-Pain opened up about being invited to Michael Jackson's home and all of the interesting things that happened.

The rapper first shared that the most surreal moment was when Jackson told him that his "Bartender" featuring Akon single was the first physical CD that he had purchased in four years. Host Andy Cohen thought that was cool and all, but he was more interested in what T-Pain did and ate at the King of Pop's house. T-Pain revealed that he was served plain tortilla chips. "Nothing on 'em, nothing with 'em," the rapper explained. "They were in a bowl. They were in an all white bowl, it was the most amazing bowl you've ever seen in your life and those were the most tastiest chips I've ever had in my life."

So, where can we get our hands on these said plain tortilla chips? We know the guac is extra.

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