Michael Irvin’s lawyer is “mad as hell” that Marriott refuses to produce surveillance video

As Hall of Fame receiver Michael Irvin’s lawsuit against Marriott proceeds through its early phases, Marriott continues to refuse to provide to Irvin’s lawyer the surveillance video that supposedly reveals the interaction between Irvin and a hotel employee who complained about his behavior. Irvin’s lawyer isn’t pleased with Marriott’s recalcitrance.

I’m mad as hell that they’re hiding this stuff that is so relevant to my client’s livelihood,” attorney Levi McCarthern told Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I think it is terrible they’re doing that. I don’t know what’s on the video. None of us have gotten to see it. But I sure think that, at a minimum, Michael has got a right to see the video.”

Irvin absolutely has a right to see the video. He’ll eventually get it. It’s highly relevant evidence on the question of whether Irvin did what he was accused of doing.

The accusation has had significant consequences to Irvin. NFL Network pulled him from its Super Bowl coverage. ESPN removed him from his scheduled appearance on First Take. Irvin’s reputation has taken a massive public blow. His media career potentially hangs in the balance.

And so, yes, it’s appropriate and necessary for the video to be seen and scrutinized.

A state-court judge previously ordered that the video be provided. Marriott has since removed the case to federal court. It’s just a matter of time before the presiding judge issues the same ruling.

Which means it’s just a matter of time before Irvin gets the video.

The video shows what it shows. It may show clear evidence of misconduct. It may bolster Irvin’s position, allegedly supported by eyewitnesses, that nothing happened. It may be inconclusive. Regardless, Irvin has a right to see it.

And the longer Marriott resists producing it, the more some will possibly begin to think that the video hurts the company’s position. Really, if it confirms the allegation, why not let Irvin and the rest of the world see what’s there?

Michael Irvin’s lawyer is “mad as hell” that Marriott refuses to produce surveillance video originally appeared on Pro Football Talk