Michael Crabtree taped a chain to himself and Aqib Talib still snatched it

Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree’s gold chains are clearly of great importance to him. After getting his chain snatched by Aqib Talib during a Week 17 matchup last January, Crabtree explained that he was so angry, he wanted to punch the Denver Broncos cornerback. Talib, an expert NFL troll, probably heard these words and baited Crabtree for a second time during their Week 12 clash this season.
This time, a helmet-less Crabtree took a swing at Talib, who was wearing his protecting headgear. Crabtree’s anger is more understandable when you realize the absurd lengths he went to prevent Talib from pulling off his second Great Chain Robbery of 2017.
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree holds onto spirals better than he does his own chains. (AP)
Oakland Raiders wide receiver Michael Crabtree holds onto spirals better than he does his own chains. (AP)

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter:

First of all, excellent insider reporting by Schefter. It’s probably the best news a sterling journalist such as himself will break all year. Secondly, this is not what NFL organizations mean by using tape to outwit opponents. Unfortunately, for Crabtree, this revelation has made him an even larger target of ridicule than he’d already become.

If like most people, you thought people taping valuables to themselves was something that happened only in movies about 1980s white-collar criminals trying to smuggle money out of the country, you’d be wrong.

Next time he should just use Stickum or don’t wear the chain at all. However, that would have been a tacit acknowledgement that Talib bullied him into switching up his style. Prior to Crabtree’s first chain popping, Talib says he warned Crabtree what would happen.

“I said if he wears that chain in front of me, I’m going to snatch it off.

If nothing else, Talib is a man of his word. Crabtree’s chains need better safeguarding and he doesn’t appear willing to back down. The Raiders won the game, but it sure seems Talib is winning the mental war in Crabtree’s head.

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