Michael Carter-Williams throws errant alley-oop pass off the top of the backboard

It can be difficult to establish a rapport and a rhythm with new teammates after a in-season trade, especially when you're a young point guard. Sure, some veterans seem to find their way pretty quickly — Goran Dragic's quick acclimation to pairing with Dwyane Wade in the Miami Heat backcourt seems a notable recent example — but when you're still learning the ropes, getting used to a new system and new running buddies can take time, practice and repetition.

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A month after joining the Milwaukee Bucks, it looks like former Philadelphia 76ers point man Michael Carter-Williams still seems to be working on getting the hang of where his new teammates want the ball on offense:

I think Jerryd Bayless tends to like the alley-oop a bit lower, MCW. Might want to take a little bit off that one next time. (Then again, maybe there was some moisture on the ball. Maybe a little dew, like in that scene from "Major League: Back to the Minors," which is a reference that everyone can enjoy.)

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Sure, this particular offensive trip didn't quite work out how Carter-Williams hoped, but let's look on the bright side instead. For one thing, this is the most creative the Bucks' offense has looked since before Brandon Knight left town, and for another, if Alexey Shved's any indication, MCW should go from missing everything to inexplicably putting up numbers in no time flat. It's only a matter of time.

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