On Michael Beasley's Xbox, Kevin Love's streak is impossible

Kevin Love(notes) continued his amazing streak of eating sizable In-N-Out Burgers Wednesday, notching his 52nd consecutive double-double in the Minnesota Timberwolves' 101-75 victory over the Indiana Pacers. Love's 52 pick-up displaces Moses Malone atop the modern NBA's list of double threats, while still leaving him just a bit shy of the 227 straight games (at least) of at least 10 points and 10 rebounds that Wilt Chamberlain recorded.

But while the flesh-and-blood Love continues to post All-NBA caliber numbers, his polygonal doppelganger — at least, the version that lives inside teammate Michael Beasley's(notes) video game console — is getting frozen out.

During an interview with Minnesota CBS affiliate WCCO-TV, Beasley identified four of what we can safely assume are about 369 trillion things that Wolves fans might not know about him. The whole piece is well worth your time, as Beasley reveals his favorite Twin Cities restaurant (think "golden arches") and tells a web-only bonus story about "having an awkward moment on purpose, just to see what it feels like," which is about as Michael Beasley a thing to do as there is, I think.

No. 3 on the list, though: When the controller's in his hand, he's looking out for No. 1.

"My favorite thing from my childhood is video games. I play 'NBA 2K11' now," Beasley said. "I play with the Minnesota Timberwolves and I shoot every shot with myself, so that's my favorite thing to do. I'm averaging right now 47.3 points and 15 rebounds. I'm actually better than Kevin Love in rebounding in video games. (Don't tell him I said that.)"

Classic video game strategy/exact scoring-average knowledge by SuperCool Beas here. Reminds me of a young, spry, 16-bit Dan Devine, who bested defense partner Brian Leetch for the Norris Trophy after starring on the blue line (and playing every shift, and taking almost every shot) for the New York Rangers in "NHL '95" on Sega Genesis. There's nothing quite like watching your little dude be awesome, even if comes at the expense of seeing a player you like starve. Heck, I had to cut Jeff Beukeboom to open up a roster spot for me. How do you think that made me feel? The answer is, "Awful."

Luckily for the Wolves, while Beasley isn't shy about hoisting up shots in real life — he uses a larger share of Minnesota's offensive possessions (28 percent, according to Basketball-Reference.com) than any of his other teammates, including Love — he's not nearly as much of a gunner as his virtual self. In fact, his assist rate has ticked up by 4.5 percent since coming over from the Miami Heat.

Say, maybe there's something to this whole idea — sate your desire to be the center of the universe in a video game, become a more willing helper in real life. Better living through gaming, just like in "The Wizard."

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