Micah Parsons compares the Packers to roaches, in a good way

The Packers have lost five games in a row. The Cowboys want to make it six.

Linebacker Micah Parsons knows that, to accomplish that, they can’t go easy on Green Bay.

“My grandma told me,” Parsons said, via Jori Epstein of Yahoo Sports, “if you see a roach and it’s fooling around, do you step on it and bury it or do you let it rebuild and get back to life? You step on it. I live life with no remorse. You can’t have no remorse in this game [or] it turns up to bite you.”

Quality of delivery aside, Parsons has a point. The Cowboys can’t take the Packers lightly. The Cowboys can’t view the Packers as a “bad” team. Dallas needs to think of Green Bay as the team that won three in a row before falling in London to the Giants.

Aaron Rodgers continues to say that he believes the Packers can turn it around. What else can he say? We stink? We’re done? Why bother?

Still, we see unexpected outcomes every week. If the Packers can upset the Cowboys, Green Bay can then try to topple the Titans. At that point, 3-6 will become 5-6 — and they’d get a chance to be the first team to beat the Eagles, if Philly keeps winning.

Micah Parsons compares the Packers to roaches, in a good way originally appeared on Pro Football Talk