Mic’d up: Lance McCutcheon gets lesson from Cooper Kupp during Rams-Bengals game

Lance McCutcheon worked hard to make the Rams’ 53-man roster this summer, putting up great numbers in the preseason and standing out during training camp. Coaches have raved about him, and his teammates love what they’ve seen from the undrafted rookie, too.

McCutcheon has quickly become a fan favorite, and those in Los Angeles will appreciate him even more after watching the Rams’ latest mic’d-up video. He wore a mic during the team’s preseason finale against the Bengals, and while the entire video is worth watching, there’s a cool teaching moment between Cooper Kupp and McCutcheon at the 3:40 mark.

Kupp talks to McCutcheon about his route and gives him some tips about beating press coverage when the defender gets into him.

“When you feel him start to come into you like that, pushing you to the sideline, have that swipe ready because you’re going to start feeling that momentum going that got you running to the sideline,” Kupp told the rookie. “If he’s gonna put his hands on you, if you can just be ready to swipe down or swipe up and get off that, he’s gonna push you right into your route. Great job.”

Kupp is touted for his leadership and it’s moments like this that show why. He’s not only a fantastic receiver, but an even better teammate.

Story originally appeared on Rams Wire